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Saturday, 4 October 2014

Oct Updates

Today Karthika Maasam Started. People who are lord Shiva Bhakthas will not eat non veg in this month. Monday and Pournami are important days in this month.

One good news to farmers. Bengal Gram (Sanaga) Insurance came for the year 2011-12. They will give on 21st,22nd and 23rd Oct in banks. The amount will be 5116 per acre.

Today Morning Also little bit rained.


 Today Pathapalli people came to our village for bhajana. They also doing 5 village bhajana. They came in the morning. Our People offer them Uggani and Upma.

 Today in the early hours, 3:30 Am it rained. Not a big rain. But Y.Kothapalli Surroundings and Chavva Varipalli,Sunkesula,Ravulakolanu Surroundings good rain. 

Today people Worshiped Bhairevudu and prayed for rains by offering Bonalu .

Images By Jagadekar.

Today Minister Ravela Kishore Babu and main Leaders of TDP attended the treat in kasanur which is given by B.Tech Ravi.

Today evening bhajana completed which started at yesterday's night.

People Started 5 Village Bhajana at 8 PM. They are going to do bhajana at Kadapanagayapalli, Diddekunta, Sunkesula, Musalreddipalli and Kasanur. Almost 65 People participated. Chinnayyagari Chandrudu,R. Ramakrishna Reddy, Garamidde Prasad Reddy, Store Ramulu, Madanagari Somudu, Gaddam Sambudu, Mallayyagari Raja, Kummarankada Raja,Madhu, Mallika, Sivarami Reddy, Subbi Reddy, Jagadekara, Gopi, Dhanunjaya Reddy, Timma Reddy, Harsha Vardhan Reddy, Badikada Harsha, Conductor Hari, Kullayappa, Naldimmagari Prasad, Chennampalli Gangadhara, Kailash, Katasani Prathapudu, Chavva Sreeramulu, Macharla, Chandra, Veerayya, Chandrayya, Mahesh, Bonala Vijaya Simha Reddy, Suresh, Jagadish,Sivananda ..etc are participated.

People celebrated Dasara festival today.

Young people who are outside came to kasanur for Festival